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General Sales Conditions
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Article 1: Purpose

These general conditions of sale define the contractual relationship between the company ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL and its customers. These terms and conditions are based on the " Consumer Code " Luxembourgish law of April 8, 2011 .
Any order placed on www.abonomobels.com implies acceptance of these conditions.
In case of discrepancy between the French version and the other versions, the French version of the Terms shall prevail.
Article 2 : Contents

Content published by ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL sites were developed with the utmost care. As such, no illegal or defamatory content is posted on them. In addition, they in no way can be considered under articles 121-1 and following of the Consumer Code,  as " misleading advertising " .
Article 3 : Status of links

The specific practices outlined in this policy statement of privacy concern only the above website . External links to other bodies / entities (s) to www.abonomobels.com may be present on our site , in an editorial , partnership, advertising, payment ..... We draw your attention to the fact that we are not responsible for the privacy policy and the content of external sites.
For this reason, we recommend that you review the policy statements of the privacy of other bodies / entities when visiting their website (s) (s) Internet . We try anyway to make every effort to consider before any collaborative content sites of our partners and advertisers.

Purpose Specifications and Data Collection (information automatically logged )
You may visit our website without disclosing personal information . However, some services require that you use the collection and conservation of a number of elements automatically recognized. The collection of these data takes place using cookies to improve our services, and can also be used for statistical purposes. A cookie is an element of data sent to your browser from a web site that is saved on your hard drive.
Cookies are present in the private areas of our sites (if users register ) and are used to save the visitor's password so that it does not have to re- enter it at each new visit. These cookies may include the following information:
- IP Address
- Certain categories requested when registering : Username , Name, Email Address , Date of Birth ...............
- If the user has chosen " remember login and password " box , both of which are encoded and added to the "cookie" .
- If a user registered in one of our private spaces returns to the site without identifying themselves , the items listed in the "cookie" allow recognition of the the user (unless the user manually deleted the cookies , in which case the server will automatically generate a new cookie) .
We inform you that you may oppose the registration of "cookies" by configuring your browser. For the procedure to follow depending on the browser you use, please consult the help section of it .
Article 4 : Price

Prices are displayed including VAT and rounded to two decimal places. If you meet the conditions to make VAT exclusive purchases, and are logged onto a session under your name,  then the prices are shown excluding VAT.
Base prices are denominated in Euro and billing is always in Euro . If you select another currency , the prices become purely indicative and based on the exchange rate of the day , which may differ from the exchange rate to be applied by your bank when debit your account .
ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products will be billed based on rates in effect at the time of registration of your order .
The products remain the property of the company ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL until full payment is received. At no time, may the payments be considered as a deposit or deposits.
Article 5 : Privacy and Data Protection

A note specially dedicated to our policy of data protection and privacy section was written for this purpose. Please check it on our website by clicking on the " Data Protection" .
Article 6 : Advertisements sites

Advertisements can be presented on our website . These may come from external sources ( third party platforms - of affiliate management , ads ... Google ® ) or managed by our own advertising . ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARLcannot be held responsible for the " misleading or aggressive " nature of advertisements from external sources .
Regarding advertising managed by ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL, it reserves the right not to publish advertising which are clearly misleading under articles 121-1 and following of the Consumer Code .
Article 7 : Collection and use of data provided voluntarily

It is not necessary to register on our website. You can view our website even if you do not want to register or provide personal information, but in this case , you cannot buy online, receive information by e-mail bulletins, or contact us electronically . We respect your will, and never will collect personal data about you without explicit agreement from you.
If we collect personal data that you provide us the opportunity to create your private spaces, with respect to orders, surveys, draws or other forms, and in e-mails you send us, we can extract anonymous information and combine it with other information.
This information, which may be used and analyzed only as an aggregate, helps us understand trends and patterns . They are never treated individually . If you do not want the information related to your transaction details used in this manner, you can either disable your cookies or to discontinue enrollment in the query.
All data processing relevant to our customers and prospects using our website are compliant with the Norme Simplifiée N° 48 of 07/06/2005 published by the CNIL. For details of these treatments (recipients , purposes , shelf life, processed data ), please click here .
These data processing have been implemented by our data controller you will find the address in the " legal note ".
Article 8 : Intellectual Property
All constituent elements of the site ( photos, images, logos, flash animations ® , modeled elements ... ) , as well as technological elements ( software creations , back -office administration services offered ... ) are protected by copyright and are the exclusive property of their respective authors , except in the limitative case of full or partial rights assignment.
The contents of the site (texts , articles ... ) are the exclusive property of their authors and may not be reproduced or used without their consent . ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL and the creator of its contents only allow the reproduction of excerpts from its articles via RSS flux at its sites . In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 122-4 of the Code of intellectual property rights, all reproduction or copy,  of  part or whole of  the content of the website is prohibited, regardless of its form (copy, nesting of orders , distribution, techniques of "inline linking" and "framing" ... ) . The direct links cretaed to downloadable files ( any format ) on our site are also prohibited.
If you want to link with our site, and before implementing it , you should contact the shop before setting up the link to our site or its contents.
Texts present from external sources have been reproduced with the implicit or explicit agreement of their respective authors. In this respect, reference is made to the site sources and respective authors.
Article 9 : Payment
All orders are payable in Euros. Options available , depending on the country , are :
• Secure online payment with credit cards VISA and MASTERCARD
• secure online payment through a PayPal account
• Bank transfer
• Cash ( exact amount ) only during reception of delivery by the customer
If you pay by credit card, your account will be debited when ordering . When you make an order,  the validity and credit card are verified and the amount blocked by your bank until the time of actual payment and for a maximum period of 20 days.
If you pay by bank transfer from a country SEPA (Single European Payment Area), you should  select the " shared cost " option (also called SHA "shared" ) . To pay by bank transfer from a country not belonging to the SEPA , please contact ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL. Your order will be considered upon receipt of the exact amount charged. The bank account number on which to perform the transfer appears in the order confirmation and the confirmation of order sent.
If bank transfer is not received within three business days after the date of the order , it will be cancelled without prior notice. If the transfer is received after three working days the order will be reactivated .
Article 10 : Security
We have opted for the Saferpay service " Cetrel " that supports your secure online credit card payments. All processing of the financial transaction occurs on servers " Cetrel " and as such does not transit through the site ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL.
 This ensures complete safety . ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL
 can neither know nor store at any time the numbers of your credit card.
Saferpay checks the validity of your card and inform you of the acceptance or rejection of the transaction . If accepted , the order is validated . In case of refusal ( card denied, error entry of card data  ...) , the system returns you to a page www.abonomobels.com which offers three options : try a new payment, change payment method or cancel the order.
For questionable orders,  will apply a special procedure to avoid any risk of fraud to credit card or any other type of fraud.
Article 11 : Availability of products

 The number of each item in stock is listed on the www.abonomobels.com website and you will be notified if you want to order an item that is not in stock.
You are free to include in your order items not in stock or order items in excess of that available in stock. In this case the total order will be sent upon receiving the items missing.
In case of unavailability of an item ordered , by reason of our suppliers, you will be informed at the earliest (by email ) and your original order will be changed by us to reflect the exact quantity of each item available. If you paid by bank transfer the difference will be either added to your purchase orders or refunded to your account at your convenience. If you paid by credit card, only the correct amount will be charged.
Article 12 : Orders
Orders can only be placed on one of the websites ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL / www.abonomobels.com . Your order will be processed only after payment by the means described above.

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL acknowledges receipt of your order by e-mail to your billing address. This email contains the provisional invoice . Another email will be sent upon receipt of your payment . The final invoice is sent by email after receiving orders.
The payment of your order implies the acceptation, fully and unreservedly thereof as well as the entirety of the present Terms and Conditions .
The order history is archived and accessible at any time through the " My Account "



Article 12B : Cancellation of orders by ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order , in case of doubts about the validity of the credit card used or refusal authorization of payment by credit card by certified organizations.
Article 13 : Electronic Signature
Your "click" on the purchase order constitutes an electronic signature which has, between the parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.
Article 14: Proof of the transaction
The records stored in computer systems company ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL and its host,  in conditions of reasonable safety , will be considered proof of communications, orders and payments between the parties and only these data are considered as authentic in case of litigation .

The filing of purchase orders and invoices is made ​​on a reliable and lasting support and can be produced as evidence.

The data recorded by the Saferpay payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.
Article 15 : Quality and Product Compliance

If, despite all internal controls an error occurred or article should be non-compliant in kind or in quality compared to the information on the order , please inform us immediately and no later than the second day following the reception . Any claims made beyond this time will be rejected.

Always specify your contact information, invoice number as well as the article reference appearing on the invoice. Improper item will be exchanged or refunded without fee if there has been an error on our part.

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL may ask you to return the item concerned. Return costs will be reimbursed on the basis of proof to be attached to the package.

Only the returns requested throughour customer service will be accepted for refund.
Return, exchange or refund will be made ​​only for items in their original condition ( packaging, accessories ) , and accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice.

Claims which do not comply with the above conditions, will not be taken into account and in respect with such claims, the company ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL will be discharged of all responsibility towards the client in question.

Article 16 : Delivery

 Regarding the items available in stock, delivery time may vary from one week to one month, depending on the supplier.

For items not available in stock or produced , on special customer order, delivery time may vary from six to twelve weeks , depending on the supplier.
These limits are applicable only outside periods of annual closure of our suppliers.

In all cases , the customer will be notified by email by care of the company ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL of  the exact delivery delay , upon confirmation of the order with the supplier.

As regards the place of delivery , the customer has two options , he must specify when placing an order :

1) He can either come and pick up the order at the store ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL , 87 , Route de Longwy , L- 8080 Bertrange LUXEMBOURG

2) Or opt for delivery at his address or any other address of his choice.

The customer will be notified by email by care of the company ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL respectively , upon receipt of the order in the first case or as soon as the order is ready to be shipped from the supplier , in the second case .

Regarding shipping methods and fees :
For classic method, we have recourse to courrier companies like TNT, DHL, FEDEX, DPD etc
As regards bulky items, we use traditional transport companies.


The amount of transport costs is determined automatically in function with metric weights and metric volumes of the order, and taking into account the delivery address indicated by client.


In  all cases, the client can we apply for a quote on shipping before finalizing their order online .

Article 17 : Customer service

Customer service www.abonomobels.com is reachable only by electronic means (e-mail ) to the address info@abonomobel.com or by phone at + 352 27 44 93 97 during the following hours : Monday to Friday 09 :00 to 18:30.

Given the number of calls received, applications are filed and processed in order of priority. Thus, a non-emergency call is processed within a maximum of 2 working days or 48 hours.
Article 18 : Right of withdrawal

You have a period of 7 working days from the receipt of your order to retract and return the item that does not suit you . It is essential to notify ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL by email and wait for its prior agreement to return the item . The price of the returned item, net of discounts and vouchers , will be refunded to you within 15 days of its receipt by ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL on the account that you used at payment. Shipping fees and return are the responsibility of client.

Return address of Products :

87 Route de Longwy
L- 8080 Luxembourg

This right of withdrawal applies to new items in their original condition ( packaging, accessories, ... ) with the original delivery confirmation . Articles used or returned incomplete , damaged or soiled will not be accepted . The right of withdrawal does not apply to discounted or promotional items and items ordered and manufactured to specific consumer demand.
No return as counter payment  will be accepted , whatever the reason .
Article 19 : Packages unrecovered
Where it is agreed that the package will be removed at the store, if the package is not recovered at the store ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL as agreed , the following actions will be taken.
ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARLwill photograph the package and check the items.
ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL will inform the client of non recuperation of the order and the state of the items.
In case of no response from the customer within 14 calendar days from notification, the order is definitely lost for the customer.

Article 20 : Responsibility

The items offered are in conformity with Luxembourg legislation and standards applicable in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The liability of ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL can not be engaged in case of non- compliance with the legislation of the country where the goods are delivered . It is customer responsibility to check with local authorities the possibilities of importation or use of the products he intends to order.

Images , text, graphics , information and characteristics illustrating the articles presented are not contractually binding and are given for information purposes only to assist the customer  in his choice. Consequently, ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL can not be held liable for errors or omissions on such images, text, graphics, information and features.

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL can not be held liable for breach of contract of sale due to a shortage or unavailability of the item to its suppliers , in case of force majeure (Act of God), or in case of disruption or total or partial strike of postal services and means of transport and / or communications strike , in case of flood or fire .

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL can not be held liable for any damages related to a service of the company, dealing with information, including: damage to the Customer's computer by the introduction of computer viruses spreading through the Internet , the damage caused by misuse of the site , reproduction and unauthorized use of any element of the site, the damage caused by the interception of data due to computer hacking .

Article 21 : Guarantee

Items purchased on www.abonomobels.com entitle the legal warranty against latent defects (vices cachés) in accordance with Article 1641 of the Civil Code. To qualify for the guarantee of products it is imperative to keep the delivery confirmation of the article.
The warranty does not cover:
• defects and their consequences related to improper use .
• the consequences linked to conditions of improper handling or improper storage.

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL undertakes ( where  warranty applies) to exchange or refund defective or non-compliant articles. All returns must follow the procedure described in Article 15 " Quality and Product Compliance "
Article 22 : Disputes - Applicable law and competent courts

These general conditions of sale are governed by Luxembourg law.
Luxembourg courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute .
Article 23 : Amendments

ABONOMALLY FURNITURE CONCEPT SARL reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these Terms of Sale. Such adaptations and modifications will be immediately brought to the knowledge of the buyer by tthrough a prompt online update.

If you subscribe to the newsletter you will be automatically notified of any significant changes .
Article 24: Cookies

During your visit to our website a cookie is created and installed on your computer. It is necessary for the proper operation of the site and exists only during the time of your stay on the site. It is this cookie which holds the contents of your cart and identifies you as the person who opened this particular exchange session with www.abonomobels.com .

 It prevents that another individual substitutes in your place and uses your identity fraudulously. You are therefore strongly advised to allow the use of cookies when you visit the website.





Cookie management module.

A module allows you to choose the cookies that you want to accept and those you want to refuse on this site.

 At any time you can access the module and change your preferences.

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