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You are most welcome to visit our online shop at www.abonomobels.com.

In all cases, please feel free to contact us. You can trust that we will always find the solution adapted to your unique requirements.


Our contact details:



87, route de Longwy

L-8080 Bertrange


Web site: www.abonomobels.com

Email: info@abonomobel.com

Tel: +352 27 44 93 97

GSM: +352 621 21 24 72



Who are we?


The above furniture concept is based upon an idea of the two of us: Sanjay BONOMALLY, an Accountant of British nationality and his spouse Asha BONOMALLY-BUCHA, an Attorney at Law, New Zealander by birth. We both come from families of Mauritian origin. However, we live and work in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since over ten years now, and it is in here, in this small, cosmopolitan and affluent country in the heart of Europe that we have decided to set up our business.


Our family history


Sanjay BONOMALLY is the son of Rajnand BONOMALLY (1933-1986) and the grandson of Darshan BONOMALLY (1900-1978), who was a man of vision and one of the pioneers in the business of wholesale trading in Mauritius during the first half of the 20th century. Darshan BONOMALLY went on to be one of the co founding shareholders of the family merchandising company ‘BONOMALLY AND CO LTD’, which could be described as ‘avant–gardiste’ in the choice and variety of top brand items it chose to import and market in Mauritius in the 1960s, and which ranged from electrical appliances, liquors, cigarettes, hardware articles to petrol. This company remained, for many years, the sole wholesale distributor in Mauritius of several of these brand items and it was also the owner of a hardware shop and one filling station in Curepipe, one of the main towns in Mauritius. After the demise of Darshan Bonomally, his children took over. Later, the company was bought by another family of traders.

Rajnand BonomallyDarshand Bonomally and Sanjay Bonomally
Rajnand BONOMALLY                                Darshan BONOMALLY and Sanjay BONOMALLY

Our motivation and the choice of our business


Today, the driving motivation behind our initiative is our desire for the revival and global expansion of this family tradition.

The choice of this line of business, namely the marketing and selling of top of the range furniture and luxury furnishing items was, at first motivated by our special liking for refined pieces of furniture.

In our quest for exceptional pieces of furniture, we visited several international furniture fairs, amongst which the prestigious ‘MAISON & OBJET’ fairs in Paris and the Milano Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This enriching exposure to multifarious and contrasting choices, with the surprising juxtapositions of every type of furniture, ranging from period furniture to classic, contemporary, design, modern and even futuristic pieces, left quite an impression on us. From there, grew this idea of ours to assemble and present on a single platform a fabulous and versatile choice of interior as well as outdoor quality furniture for the high end market : residential markets, offices and the contract markets including hotels, universities, hospitals, etc. Our intention was to create a platform which is like a permanent miniature furniture exhibition, timeless and ever evolving with the endless ebb and flow of passing trends. Our showroom is in Luxembourg and our web site has been designed as a virtual window offering a view onto this platform.


Our underlying philosophy


For us, the whole concept of furnishing is about creating or enhancing an ambiance and the fundamental aspect to be taken into consideration, in our view, besides the purely aesthetic aspect, is the spirit of the lieu, and keeping in line therewith. Keeping in mind this perspective, we strive to provide our customers with unique tailor made solutions which will adapt to their personal taste and space requirements and which will help them to express their individuality.

What we offer is a refined furnishing concept, combining the choice of the best materials with a representative and characteristic style, simply, uncompromising quality. Our main objective is full consumer satisfaction.


Our core values and our mission


We are guided by the following deep lying values:

-    The search for excellence and authenticity
-    The recognition of the everlasting value of genuine quality-valori per sempre
-    The promotion of invaluable talent and traditional savoir faire
-    An awareness about innovative ideas and state-of-the art know-how
-    Constant evolution or living up to the challenges of ever changing market parameters
-    Highly qualitative and environment friendly production
-    The founding and building of a name
-    The idea of transmission of a heirloom in every sense

In line with these strong motivators, our business vocation is to transcend the purely consumer good aspect of our selected products and collections. Our objective is to offer to our clients, through our furniture concept, the value of a concept of living.

We strongly value tradition, whilst being at the same time, a modern market-oriented entity. We are committed to pursuing traditional ways, while experimenting with new and avant-gardiste design ideas and concepts in order to assemble brilliant and timeless collections.


We have adopted, from the start, a policy which is strongly oriented towards product quality, with particular attention to the stylistic identity and impact of our products.


Each single product reflects accurate style and the collections selected express unmistakable and unique excellence in terms of quality, care and detail.


We have adopted a value oriented approach.


Our choice of suppliers


We have been very careful in our selection of suppliers in that we have deliberately chosen to work with people with whom we share a common vision and philosophy and strong values.


First, we turned naturally towards the best Italian furniture houses, including manufacturers of long standing as well as more recent design brands.


This choice of Italian suppliers has been conditioned and determined by our very special liking and genuine admiration for the unique Italian creative genius and its fine craftsmanship and style.


To us, Italian designers and craftsmen are truly gifted with that amazing ability to sublimate the ordinary, in the most unexpected ways.


Determined to bring to our customers only the best, we then moved on to cross other borders and to broaden our spectrum of suppliers. To date, we have suppliers from all across Europe and even beyond: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, France and Egypt. And we are only at the beginning of our adventure.


The common denominator of our suppliers is that they all cater for the upper end market and they range among the top best in their respective lines of production and business. These are leader brands which have obtained worldwide recognition and they represent the nec plus ultra.


Seriousness, reliability and quality are their trademark.


Our suppliers position themselves as the biggest firms in the furnishing sector and they have gone a long way in the design world. They all have fruitful collaborations with worldwide known designers and architects.


They have achieved international recognition and several of their creations have obtained awards for their design and functionality at various prestigious international furniture fairs.


Thanks to our suppliers’ aptitude for innovation and their reaching out into new areas, we are able to offer to our clients an extensive and avant-gardiste choice of materials, styles, dimensions and particularly finishes with an impressive range of colours. Our objective is to identify and to meet our customers’ individual requirements and to provide them with highly personalised solutions.


It is also important to underline that our suppliers are very careful not only about being environment friendly, this is why, behind the products manufacture, there is a philosophy that focuses not only on using raw materials consciously, but also on ethical and social values.


All our suppliers are present on our website and we have dedicated a summary page to each one of them, outlining their specific backgrounds and products. Should you want to learn more about our suppliers, you just have to click on their name icons on our ‘about us’ page.


Our products at a glance


Thanks to our select suppliers, we are in a position to offer to our clients an exclusive blend of top quality products, guaranteed and certified.


The markets targeted by us have very high quality demands and expectations and all the brands marketed by us, are known worldwide for their high quality and timeless design, whether be it classic or modern, simple or glamorous.


Our classic and contemporary furniture collections


Our classic furniture are made of wood superior in colour, cut and character. Each piece is a result of fine and masterful craftsmanship of generations-long tradition Every item is a unique creation. Our pieces grow more beautiful with age and they become heirlooms.

Our design and modern furniture collections

Our design and modern collections have been conceived to meet the growing demands of furniture connoisseurs and to keep up with the most eye-catching and cutting-edge trends in the d’avant-garde style. The pure and plain lines of Nordic inspiration of our pieces of furniture are the result of our suppliers’ research and innovation in material, form and colour.

Each and every piece of our design collection is conceived and developed with functionality and aesthetics in mind which combine quality and comfort with design. The result is among other things a flexible system with endless possibilities of customization. This quality ensures the advantage of personal expression in the build of the finished product.


Our office furniture collections


The products we offer combine elegance and design with technical and ergonomic performance and they are fitting for the office environment of today and tomorrow.

Each and every item has been conceived using innovative technological methods and materials and they all offer excellent reliability and resistance to wear and tear of all the components.


Our outdoor furniture collections


Combining the most modern technology with traditional experience and with a manufacturing process where quality and finish are most important, our outdoor furniture collections include real pieces of collection that excel in design, without neglecting comfort and utility.

Our new collections have an interior aluminium structure, which has successfully passed the salinity test. Oxidation is avoided and extends the product life. In addition all the outer fabric is made of a synthetic fiber identical to natural Shintotex, with advanced technical level which gives the highest resistance to this furniture. In the latest collection, Texiline is used, and this is a fabric which gives to furniture an upholstery appearance and absolutely guaranteed resistance.


Our children and baby furniture collection


We offer a catalog with the products being grouped in thematic collections, and which encompasses all the requirements of a baby room, with objects made with attention to quality, and in accordance with the norms prescribed by the regulations currently in force.

Accessories such as lamps and textiles are always made in order to harmoniously match and supplement the given collections, so as to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere conducive to the baby’s well being.


Our lighting collections


One of the main trademark marketed by us is synonymous with Glass and Cut Glass. Thanks to the manufacturing versatility of our main supplier, combining a long Venetian tradition in the processing of glass, together with select raw materials and innovative technology, we are able to offer lighting systems combining high quality cut glass with advanced lighting systems.

In addition to cut glass, we also offer a fabulous selection of artistic glass, including Murano and superior quality lead free glass.


Our home textiles and rugs


These are decorative items of the highest quality, carefully cured in each detail, with impeccable finishes and highly personalized. Here also, the experience, innovation and creativity of our suppliers render each collection true and unique. Over and above the profound aesthetic research, our priority consists in offering the maximum practicality, selecting only fabrics certified to satisfy the most up to date necessities and specifications.

Our collections of refined and original rugs find in their exclusive design the right mix between elegance and comfort and we offer an extremely versatile choice.


Our mirrors, clocks and decorative items


These speak out for themselves and every single piece reflects a workmanship of excellence.

Our paintings and sculptures collections

We have chosen to work with artists from Nice who have obtained several prestigious awards and worldwide recognition. They appear on our homepage and we have dedicated a summary page to each of them to give you a glimpse of their talent and of the value of their art.


Our bathroom equipment collections


We offer top quality and excellent value for money. Our suppliers use only high-grade materials such as aluminium, acrylic and single-pane safety glass for their products manufactured on the basis of control directives.

Everything is manufactured in house by our main supplier, a specialist manufacturer of innovative products. Thus, all our products stand out not only by their high quality but also by their functionality, convenience, safety and trend-setting design. Thanks to that extra high degree of flexibility at the manufacturing level, we are able to offer individual and customized solutions.

Our business policy

Our top of the range products are well suited for the following markets:

  • High end residential needs, our brand is synonymous with the complete home.
  • Luxury offices, banks, embassies, government officials’ buildings etc
  • The contract markets including luxury hotels, universities, hospitals etc

In order to meet the specific requirements of each and every one of our targeted markets, our solution is the constant broadening and diversification of our proposition of products, so as to be in a position to offer an exclusive and ever evolving range of products combining top quality with style.

We have to offer:

  • Reliability and safety
  • A genuine range of timeless and d’avant-garde collections
  • A sure taste
  • The exclusive character of our designs
  • A stylistic identity
  • A varied choice which is constantly diversified
  • Highly customized solutions
  • Excellent quality service to each and every client

As regards our marketing policy, we firmly believe that it is important to switch the emphasis on the client, who should be the central focus of our concept. Our concept of quality goes far beyond the mere manufacture of an excellent product, and in our eyes, the consumer's satisfaction is the key factor.


Our whole marketing logistic support has been set up in such a way as to render our brand name visible in an optimum way to our targeted markets and our objective is to be accessible to the client, wherever he happens to be. In line with this policy, our website has been designed by our renowned Internet Marketing Consultant, SHOP-APPLICATION FRANCE, as a virtual showcase of our products and not as an online shop.


Given our instinctive vocation to go global, our targeted markets include, to this day, the high end residential and contract markets in the Benelux region and the neighbouring countries. Outside Europe, our targeted markets include Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates.


Our mission : Offer our customers full satisfaction and value for money. If you visit our website, do not stop at our catalogue prices. In all cases, feel free to contact us. You can trust that we will always manage to find the solution adapted to your unique rquirements.


Our motto: ‘Strive to be a cut above and dare to reach out for the exceptional…Our clients deserve only the best.’

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